Garbage Disposals: A Costly Choice for Septic Tank Owners

HomeownMaintaining your septic system

Many homeowners are using septic, rather than sewer systems.  Septic systems offer lower costs and an environmentally friendly design.  A functioning septic system is dependent upon a finely-tuned process.  A variety of issues can contribute to the disruption of the process.  Failure to maintain your septic system can result in high-cost maintenance or repairs.

Septic tank pumping

Regular tank pumping and proper care are required to properly maintain your septic system.  Homeowners should be aware of what is being sent into their septic system. Leaky faucets, diaper wipes, dental floss, and paper towels are just a few of the items that can cause your septic system to malfunction.

Garbage disposals can be an issue for septic tank owners

Garbage disposals can also cause significant damage to septic systems.  Most people use their garbage disposal as if it is a trash can; stuffing leftover food and grease down the disposal.   Basically, when you use a garbage disposal, you are overloading the waste that is being put into the septic tank.  This excess waste will never get a chance to break down in the tank.  Excess waste can result in the necessity of having your tank pumped twice as often as a comparable household without a garbage disposal.  Along with causing the need for more pumping, a septic tank full of leftovers can overthrow your system’s bacteria balance.  An improper bacteria balance can make your tank less efficient in breaking-down wastewater.

Alternatives to garbage disposals

If your home uses a septic system, you might consider creating a compost.  Approximately 30 percent of what we throw away can and should be composted.  You can fill a compost with food waste, paper products, leaves and other yard waste.  Composting offers several benefits for the environment.  It enriches the soil and helps to suppress plant diseases and pests.  It reduces your carbon footprint by keeping the composted materials out of the landfill which, in turn, reduces methane emissions.  Composting is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to disposing of the daily waste which can cause costly issues with your septic system.

If you or someone you know needs your septic tank pumped, give us a call and we will be happy to help you.


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