Septic Tank or Plumbing Problem? The Source of Your Backup

You are experiencing a plumbing backup in your home. How can you tell whether you need to call a plumber or a septic tank professional? No need to panic!

Try locating your septic cleanout pipe so you can diagnose the problem. This is usually a white, PVC pipe, which is three inches in diameter. The cleanout pipe is for inspection purposes, so a septic tank professional cannot remove the contents of your septic tank from this location.

The cleanout is generally located near the foundation of your home, between your house and the septic tank lid. Carefully remove the cap from the clean out pipe. If there is only an inch or two of water in the cleanout pipe, this usually indicates that the waste is not making it to your septic tank. We would recommend that you contact a plumber. If the cleanout pipe is full and contains backup, we would recommend that you contact a septic pumping professional., like Prime Septic. 

If you want to check even further, and you are willing to dig up the lid to the tank, you can check the level of the tank is overfull. An overfull tank requires a septic pumping professional.  The average lifespan of a septic tank is 25 years.  Regular maintenance and inspections can prolong the life of your septic system and can prevent costly repairs.

Call Prime Septic.  We can provide the septic services you to keep your tank functioning properly.

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